Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which an advertiser rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

So whether you’re an affiliate or a business that wants to get more exposure for your brand or company, having a good affiliate marketing strategy can prove to be a lucrative asset.

Merchants often give affiliates a portion of every dollar they receive in sales as a reward.

Affiliates are typically paid per lead and many affiliate programs provide supplemental tracking.

This allows affiliates to be paid on sales they convert and then make a purchase.

Affiliate marketing cuts both ways, allowing the brands you work with to get more exposure while at the same time allowing you to earn money from advertising their products!

Let’s talk about traffic, paid or organic?

Organic and PPC, or pay per click, marketing involves mostly SEO and SEM tactics.

It usually follows an effective process of generating awareness through search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

If your site is indexed correctly by search engines it will be more visible to viewers during searches,

Your target audience visiting your site will increase which in turn increases exposure.

Organic efforts take more time and work to be effective, though the results can be long-lasting.

Paying for specific keywords or targeted media assures that people will see what you are looking for even with non-targeted ads.

So to answer the compelling question, paid traffic is better than organic traffic because it is quicker.

With paid traffic, there’s a better turnaround for your ROI (return on investment).

Here’s an affiliate marketing strategy with PPC.

Five proven strategies for your affiliate marketing strategy using PPC:

  1. Only pay for what you can afford – Like I stated earlier PPC ads can be costly so do not spend what you don’t have. Make sure you can generate enough income to cover the cost of running the ads.
  2. Choose your niche – Having a niche market helps you reach people who share similar interests. Targeting people who are not interested in your offer wastes ad dollars.
    If they aren’t loyal customers, they won’t show up when you’re looking to make a sale.
  3. Do your keyword research – Keywords are the main ingredients of successful PPC campaigns.
    They need to be popular and competitive.
    They also need to be niche enough so people searching for them are actively looking to do something with the keywords in mind.
    When you’re choosing your keywords, it’s important not only to consider their popularity, and how closely they match what you’re promoting.
  4. Engage with your Audience regularly – As a marketer, you have to always stay on your toes! Relationships are vital to affiliate marketing if you work as an individual.
    For example, people trust those they like, and if you answer questions about the merchant or product they will move further into the sales funnel.
  5. Have no Fear – We are always afraid when we start new projects and there is a steep learning curve. One of the most important things to remember is to pay close attention to your campaigns.
    Analyze all the data you collect on them to break down what worked for you and what didn’t.
    In the beginning, some affiliates spend much more before turning a profit.
    So when your first starting out keep track of your ads.

Wrapping it Up

If affiliate marketers only need to remember one thing about PPC ads: Good analysis can lead to good results.

Skilled affiliates can still lose money if the PPC they put out isn’t based on thorough keyword market research so having an affiliate marketing strategy is key.

Doing analysis and review on my ongoing ads will help me determine which ones convert and which ones don’t.

If you follow this simple five-step strategy you can be successful in running PPC ads.

Author: Abe Cherian

Hello, I'm Abe Cherian, the Founder and CEO of SunAd Network CPA Affiliate Network. My journey has been dedicated to pioneering in the field of affiliate marketing and empowering entrepreneurs across the globe. With the intent of sharing my expertise, I penned a book called "CPA Cash Flow". It offers a comprehensive guide to CPA Affiliate Marketing, potentially helping you make up to $1000 per day. Embark on your journey towards financial success by visiting and grabbing a copy of my book.