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We created SunAdNetwork because we believe that Affiliate Marketing can be a solution for people around the world to free themselves from their mundane jobs, and take control of their own future. We’ve been affiliates and advertisers ourselves for over two decades, and we want to contribute to the future of affiliate marketing. But most of all, we want to be a part of your Affiliate Marketing success story.

Abe Cherian, Founder, CEO

Martha Merten, Director of Affiliates

Gjorji Kukuvikov, Brand Liaison

Karanbir Singh, Technology Officer

Smita Sharma, Chief Programmer

Hammad Sheikh, Marketing & SEO

We Deliver Results

Pay Per Click

Drive targeted traffic to your website, or display our banner and text ads on your website. Advertise and monetize the easy way.

Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead method allows you to generate more leads for your business as a marketer. Get paid for generating leads as an affiliate.

Pay Per Sale

Marketers can instantly get hundreds of affiliates to promote your offer. Share your profits with them and pay for verified sales only.

Pay Per Action

Cost per action (CPA) allows marketers and affiliates to make money by desired actions such as pay per install, pay per call etc.

High Performing Ad Formats

Banner Ads

Banner ads are an effective way to grab attention to your brand, and to get results from your advertising. Our banner ad platform allows advertisers and website owners to profit from.

Text Ads

Our text ads allows you to say more on your ads and grab the attention of potential customers. Our text ad platform allows advertisers and website owners to profit easily.

CPA Creatives

Cost per action includes CPA, PPL, PPS, PPI etc. Advertisers can upload all types of creatives including email templates to help affiliates to sell more for you.

Our Verticals

Tracking & Fraud Protection

S2S Postback

The server to server (S2S) conversion tracking does not use any cookies. Here the information is stored at the server-side and accurate.

iFrame Pixels

iFrame pixels are image pixel code that you can copy and paste it on your thank you page to track conversions.

Image Pixels

Image pixel code tracks conversions. You can copy and paste it on your thank you page to track conversions.

Fraud Protection

We take fraud seriously. So we have in place both automated and manual approval for clicks, and conversions processed.

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Sell More With The Help Of Our Affiliate Network

  • Get an army of affiliates to promote your offers
  • Pay for results only (clicks, leads, sales)
  • Low CPA and PPC rates
  • Advanced tracking & reporting
  • State-of-the-art fraud protection


Earn More From Your Traffic

  • Get instant offers to promote
  • Get paid for PPC & CPA offers
  • Competitive payout for PPC & CPA offers
  • Advanced tracking and reporting
  • Personal account manager

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