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Monetize with confirmed sales.


Get paid for Installs, download and more. 

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As a CPA network, our primary goal is to connect you, the affiliate, with the most profitable offers possible. To achieve this, we partner with a wide range of businesses across many different industries.

Here are some of the most popular verticals we work with:

Health & Beauty
CBD Products
Finance / Fintech
Weight Loss

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At SunAd Network, we have over 250 hand-picked offers from top brands across a wide range of industries.

We work with both direct offers and exclusive in-house offers, and we are trusted partners with some of the biggest marketing firms. This allows us to provide some of the highest paying offers that are not available on many other networks.

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SunAdNetwork is a unique CPA Network that has a wide range of offers that gives you an opportunity to earn cash fast! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in CPA marketing, SunAdNetworks has a program for you!

We do offer our affiliates a competitive payout, fast payments and a 24/7 live chat support system. We have a variety of offers for you to choose from, where you can get paid for clicks, leads, sales and more.

Payout Models:

  • CPC
  • CPV
  • CPL
  • CPD
  • CPI
  • CPS
  • CPM
  • CPS

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Our platforom offers state of the art tracking and fraud prevention. We offer detailed trackinng and reporting for our affiliates. 

We provide reports and filters that you can customize and use it for maximum efficency.

Some of our reporting features:

  • GEO Reports
  • Sub Affiliate Reports
  • Global postback reports
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports

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Our payment terms are classified into participation levels.

Active Affiliates

Active affiliates are those who have 0 to 99 confirmed conversions. They are on a NET-30 payment schedule.

Rising Star Affiliates

Rising Star affiliates are those with 100 to 199 confirmed conversions. They receive a 5% increase in payout and are on a NET-15 payment schedule.

VIP Affiliates

VIP affiliates are those with 200 to 299 confirmed conversions. They receive a 10% increase in payout and are on a NET-15 payment schedule.

Elite Affiliates

Elite affiliates are those with 300+ confirmed conversions. They receive a 20% increase in payout and are on a WEEKLY payment schedule.

We pay using Paypal, Payoneer, and Bank Transfer.

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Our Top Traffic & GEO

We are looking for traffic from the following countries

United States 40.9%
Canada 14.2%
United Kingdom 13.4%
India 11.8%
Germany 7.1%
France 3.9%
Russia 2.4%
Pakistan 0.8%

We Work With Affiliates With The Following Traffic Sources:

Email Traffic

Email has been our #1 source of traffic. 

Native Ads

Native content based traffic from Taboola. 

Search Traffic

Paid search like Google and Bing ads. 

Display Ads

Banner and text display ads on blogs. 

Social Media Traffic

Social media ads like Facebook and Pinterest. 

Pop Up Ads

Popup and pop under traffic from paid media. 

Push Traffic

Push notifications from site owners. 

Tracking & Fraud Protection


The server to server (S2S) conversion tracking does not use any cookies. Here the information is stored at the server-side and accurate.


iFrame pixels are image pixel code that you can copy and paste it on your thank you page to track conversions.


Image pixel code tracks conversions. You can copy and paste it on your thank you page to track conversions.


We take fraud seriously. So we have in place both automated and manual approval for clicks, and conversions processed.

Our Team

Abe Cherian

Founder, CEO. | Director of Brands & Advertisers

Martha Merten

Operations Manager | Director of Affiliates

Gjorgi Kukuvikov

Marketing & Events | Brand Liaison

Hammad Sheikh

Marketing And SEO | Operations Team

Karanbir Singh

Technology Officer | Platform Development

Smita Kanva

Programmer | Development Team

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