The top ad networks out there are Google and Microsoft (Bing)

Bing Ads has much to offer their clients but what I am saying is diversify. Never keep all of your eggs in one basket. There are alternative ad networks to use.

Let’s talk about some hard facts first.

Bing also known now as Microsoft uses Bing, Yahoo, and Aol search engines so you get a good reach of about 34% of the search traffic compared to Google which of course is larger.

But there are alternative networks to use that can give you more reach for a cheaper price then these two behemoth networks but I will concentrate on Bing Ads today.

Here are three reasons to use Bing Ad alternative networks:

Ad Spend – The average monthly ad spend for Bing is anywhere from $400-$700 per month.

Depending on what industry you are targeting will depend on how much you are paying per click as you can see from the chart below.

Bing Ads

Less Competition – competition can be fierce as advertisers bid for the top space for their ads for a higher ROI. Because of this prices go higher because advertisers are trying to outbid each other.

Target Different Users – Bing Ad alternative ad networks open you up to new users who you could target by domain, topics, and more. Alternative networks offer you a different market of publishers who will carry your ads.

Above are my Three Reasons to try Other Networks as an alternative to Bing Ads.

Here’s my list of 5 Bing Ads alternative Networks:
  1. Adblade Adblade gets you access to inventory on the world’s most trusted news site ensuring your ads are seen on the sites where consumers and business people are most engaged. They offer hundreds of sites with over 300 million monthly users. Adblade offers geo targeting for your ads by zip code, DMA, and state. Targeting is robust and reports are refreshed in 15-minute intervals.
  2. Adcash Reach a global audience and have access to over 200 million daily users. They specialize in fraud and they remove millions of dollars in fraudulent traffic every year for their advertisers. Adcash has a smart bidding technology optimizes ROI by automatically removing manual work.
  3. Adsterra Adsterra has 25 billion impressions per month and 250 geo targets covered. Run display banners, responsive native banners, pre-roll videos, pop-unders, push notifications, interstitial ads and more for desktop and mobile. Adsterra also offers 24/7 support and a personal account manager.
  4. Bidvertiser Low Starting Budget – Only $100. They handle campaigns from $5 a day to thousands of dollars a day. They offer desktop and mobile ads. Choose from push notifications, native and pop under. You can target by location, time of day, device, operating system, browser, channel, carrier and more.
  5. Adclickmedia Adlclickmedia is a CPA and PPC network and offers 4 popular advertising models PPC, CPL, CPS, AND CPI. You can run display and banner ads. They offer a daily spend limit, and you can target your ads on any OS, mobile, desktop, and geo targeting. They also offer excellent customer support by skype, phone, and email and personal account managers.

There are so many other Bing Ad alternative networks to choose from that is too much to list here. I gave you what I feel are the five best but you should also do your research and decide for yourself.

When you are deciding ask yourself these key questions:

  • How user friendly is the site?
  • What types of ads are served?
  • Do they have a minimum account balance needed?
  • What is the reach of the network?

Now that you have gathered all of this info you can make the decision as to which network best fits your needs

Author: Abe Cherian

Hello, I'm Abe Cherian, the Founder and CEO of SunAd Network CPA Affiliate Network. My journey has been dedicated to pioneering in the field of affiliate marketing and empowering entrepreneurs across the globe. With the intent of sharing my expertise, I penned a book called "CPA Cash Flow". It offers a comprehensive guide to CPA Affiliate Marketing, potentially helping you make up to $1000 per day. Embark on your journey towards financial success by visiting and grabbing a copy of my book.