There are numerous factors that make a CPA offer the best CPA offer!

Choosing the best cpa affiliate offers for you is what counts. You need to choose an offer that will work with your list of subscribers.

You are bound to see great offers that many other people are clamoring to publish, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they will work for you.

One of the biggest issues is that the audience you are marketing to can be significantly different than anyone else’s audience.

If this is the case then the offer needs to be appropriate for you own special niche to be successful.

In other words, don’t follow the crowd; instead, analyze your own position on the Internet and seek to exploit the traffic that’s at your fingertips.

Demographics And Niches

Whether you are article marketing or answering questions on a forum, you have special knowledge that attracts people to your postings.

This is Your Niche

Your niche will likely attract people of a particular demographic to your posts.

An elderly person is not going to be interested in the latest electronic video games.

You can set up different websites for different niches or try to build audiences.

Be clear about each site’s demographic so you can have a better idea of which niches might be successful there.

Focus on hot niches to build a group following.

Right now, hot niches include foreclosure prevention, debt consolidation or elimination, Internet marketing, and frugal topics. Use the Google Keyword Tool to research popular keywords and potential new niches.

Hunting Down the Best CPA Affiliate Offers

Find great offers that will provoke people to take the action required by the merchant:

  • What are they looking for?
  • Can you solve problems they having?
  • What will they be willing to do or not do?

Check the earnings-per-click that is published for the offer to see if it is worth your time and energy market the offer.

Here are the Elements Necessary in Choosing the Best CPA Affiliate Offers for You:

Earnings Per Click (EPC) – Initially you may be tempted to go only for the highest paying offers, but this can be a mistake.

Take a look at the EPC for the offer, but don’t let that be the only factor in your final decision. An EPC of $50 isn’t better than one for $5, for example.

Length of Forms – If the action is to fill out a form, then see if it is a short or a long form.

Request for Credit Cards – If the offer requires that a visitor input their credit card information most people are not willing to do that right up front.

Exclusive Offers – If an offer is exclusive to a network and you manage to be accepted in that network there will be less competition on the Internet for that offer. An exclusive offer is almost always better for you as a publisher than a non-exclusive offer.

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Author: Abe Cherian

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