With hundreds of CPA offers to choose from, it can be very intimidating at first.

The requirements to get paid a commission on any given offer often ranges from a single email opt-in (when a user enters their email into a form, you get paid), to lengthier forms including full surveys, application forms, downloading software, getting a quote, or phone apps.

If you can get people to perform any of these actions, you will get paid!

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While CPA offers vary and the requirements associated with being credited for an ‘action’ vary, there is an abundance of high paying CPA offers and programs that you can get involved with.

Most CPA Companies pay anywhere from $0.25 up to $4.00 for a single email capture (visitor enters in their email for information), while other CPA offers pay out as much as $150.00 for a multi-part process, or even $400 – $1000 for a single conversion on offers like Crypto Investing.

Once you’ve been accepted into the CPA Network, you will be given a list of available offers to promote. In addition, all offers will have their own tracking link in order to track all of your sales.

This link will identify you as an affiliate and will track all of your activity.

Your links track your sales and in turn, provide you with conversion rates and other information that can help determine how well your promotional campaigns are doing.

A good network will provide guides, training, and experienced affiliate managers.

If you rush to try many different offers, you are setting yourself up for failure.

What Type of Offers Should You Promote?

There are several kinds of CPA offers to promote.

Depending on what target market you want to focus on, and what niche you have chosen, there may be different offers available.

It is essential to evaluate the offers on your network based on the revenue they will pay, the earnings per click (EPC) and the type of traffic you plan on using.

You then need to think of how to sell the offer to your traffic. (The Angles)

The most common types of CPA offers are financial lead generation (like refinance, insurance leads), ecommerce offers (like gadgets or health related physical products), straight sale health offers (products like CBD), and mobile app installs, e-mail & zip submits (like sweepstakes, utilities, or VPN).

Trial Offers

These are generally profitable offers for the affiliate, but they are becoming much more scarce due to credit card companies cracking down on shady billing practices.

This landing page is common in the diet, muscle, and skin care niches, but they are becoming strict and difficult to obtain a cap. A daily Cap means the network only allows you to get so many conversions a day before you need to pause or change the offer.

The reason these offers are becoming strict is because of how people abuse them through false advertising. Banks and the Federal Trade Commission are cracking down on advertisers who don’t follow the rules.

The chances of the visitor clicking the link and consenting to these offers are very high as long as you can ‘Pre-sell’ the offer.

The customer is offered a product, such as a trial bottle of diet pills or a skin cream, at a highly reduced price of around $4.95, which covers the shipping cost.

Because only the shipping charges are requested, the initial investment by the customer is very low. If the product quality is there, he or she is likely to retain the product.

As a marketer, you can get paid $40-$100 on these trial offers when a customer pays the small shipping fees. Moreover, trial offers are a popular type of offer to be promoted particularly if the product quality and reputation is good enough.

As a marketer, you will receive a high commission by driving the customer to the free trial landing page. The most popular niches for these trial offers are diet, muscle, skin care, and business opportunity. Most people who promote these types of offers do it with an advertorial or an email follow up series.

Most people will promote trial offers using paid traffic to an advertorial. We will talk more about advertorials later.

E-mail Submit AKA Sweeptakes, and Zip Code Submit

These offers are another common CPA offer, also called “sweepstakes” offers.

Many beginners start with these offers since the conversion rates are higher.

If you can find single opt in email submits, they can be very profitable with a large email list of your own or a very cheap traffic source, such as push notifications or native ads.

To get a commission, the only action required of the visitor is to enter their zip code or e-mail!

For obvious reasons, the payouts in these offers are considerably lower as compared to trial offers, which require a credit card.

Normally a marketer earns somewhere between $1 and $5 per lead. Make sure that before you promote these offers, you ask when the conversion actually occurs. Many networks advertise email submits, but really the conversion happens after a much longer form on page 2 of the offer funnel.

Mobile Installs or Downloads

These types of offers are growing at an enormous rate with so many people using mobile phones and tablets. Payouts are generally lower, but can be as high as $15 for a mobile app installation. The cost of mobile traffic is usually lower than desktop traffic and some affiliates are generating tens of thousands of downloads per day!

Straight Sale Offers

Straight sale offers pay a commission when an actual sale is made. These types of offers are popular in the diet, skin, muscle, supplement, digital products, make money, e-commerce, and software niches.

Offer Restrictions and Traffic Types

Before you choose which offer you want to promote, you need to consider the restrictions and types of traffic allowed. Every offer on a CPA network will likely have rules applied to it that must be followed or you risk not getting paid.

Every offer will have a country restriction, meaning they will only pay if the customer comes from a certain country. Some offers are global, allowing payment regardless of which country the customer is from.

Traffic Sources for Each Type

Search PPC, Social PPC, Banner Display, Native Ads, Email, and Contextual traffic are the primary promotional methods allowed for most CPA affiliate offers.

Incentive (giving users a reason to complete the offers) and classified ads traffic are usually not allowed.

Search PPC traffic comes from paid search ads. The top search PPC networks are:

Social is specifically referring to paid ads on social networks. The main Social networks are:

Display traffic is traffic that is generated through places like Google Display. Native ads are a very popular form of traffic and use images and text and are often categorized as display ads. This includes advertising on blogs or advertising on any website using a banner.

Push Traffic consists of notifications on peoples browser or phones.

Incent Traffic is when you are offering cash, points, or any sort of gift for completing an offer.

Classified Ads are typically banned forms of traffic and not recommended without approval.

SMS or Text Message Traffic is a form of traffic that is frowned upon without approval. Many offers can be promoted on mobile ad networks, but not through text/SMS messaging.

  • EZ Texting
  • Textedly
  • Podium
  • SimpleTexting
  • Thryv
  • SlickText
  • ProTexting
  • TextMarks

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