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Sign up for your advertiser account and get your account approved.

Add Funds

Add funds to your account. Minimum deposit is $250.

Add Campaign

Work with your ad manager to setup tracking and add new campaigns.

Get Results

Your campaign will go live for affiliates. Start generating more sales.

At SunAd Network, we believe that you should only have to pay for advertising once it has proven to be effective.

That’s why our pay-for-performance model means that you won’t spend a dime until a new customer is driven to your business. And unlike other advertising channels, you won’t be pouring money down the drain.

Select the right model for your advertising needs:


Our cost-per-click (CPC) model is effective when you want to drive relevant traffic to your offer page. Affiliates use email marketing, display advertising, and content-driven marketing as the main driver for our CPC model. You pay only for the clicks you receive.


The CPL model is an effective way to build your subscriber base and market to them. With this model, our affiliate will drive traffic to your offer page. You will only pay for valid leads that are generated from this traffic.


Cost per sale advertising model allows you to pay for confirmed sales generated by our affiliates. You don’t pay a dime until you receive sales.


Cost per install is perfect if you have a digital product or software that you need to sell. You pay only for specific results like downloads or install.

Start a campaign now!

The campaign creatives you need depends on the ad model selected. Having a broad range of creatives is ideal. You can upload creatives for your campaign or choose to have us design them.

Some ideas for creatives include:

1. Banner ads
2. Email ads and headlines
3. Follow up emails
4. Review of your product
5. Variations of your landing pages, etc.

We can also help you design your campaign creatives. Connect with us to get started.

Start A Campaign

Having your ad campaign professionally managed can save you time and increase conversions.

Your ad manager can help with that by presenting the campaign to get maximum attention from affiliates, advising on the right payout, message and creatives, and timing for your campaign. Reach out to us today and let us help you

Start A Campaign

In order to start a campaign, you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 into your account. Your funds will stay in the account until you see results.

You set the price for how much you want to pay per click, pay per lead, or pay per sale. The set amount will be deducted as the desired action is completed.

If you want to keep your campaign active, you can always add more money to your account.

Deposit Funds | Start A Campaign

How to start a campaign.

STEP 1. Deposit funds in your account.

Click here to deposit funds in your account. Minimum deposit to start a campaign is $250. You can use Paypal or Credit Card to fund your account.

STEP 2. Login to your ad account

Login to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, signup here.

STEP 3. Create a new campaign (or contact us for help)

Creating a campaign is easy. Watch this video.

STEP 4. You’ll be assigned with your own Ad Manager

Your ad manager will contact you and help you with setting up tracking, and even with designing your creatives.

STEP 5. Campaign goes live.

Your campaign will go live on our network. All our affiliates will be informed. You can track all of your campaign details in your “reports” section.

We have three type of tracking available for advertisers.

1. Server 2 Server Postback Tracking (Recommended)
2. Image Pixel. Add a pixel code to your thank you page.
3. iFrame Pixel. Add iFrame code to your thank you page.

S2S Postback tracking is the most reliable type to track everything accurately. To implement postback you must use a third party tracking software.

We would recommend that you signup with Offer18 Platform for your S2S tracking. They have a 30 days free trial and only $49/month if you would like to keep it going.

Sign Up with Offer18 and get 30 day free trial here.

Monetize your traffic with…


CPL model allows you to advertising and monetize fast. More »


Advertise and monetize with on a pay-per-click basis. More »


Advertise and moentize with confirmed sales. More »


Allows you to track and pay for Installs, download and more. More »

We welcome multiple traffic sources…


Email has been our #1 source of traffic.


Social media ads like Facebook and Pinterest.


Push notifications from site owners.


Paid search like Google and Bing ads.


Native content based traffic from Taboola.


Banner and text display ads on blogs.

State-of-the-art tracking…


The server to server (S2S) conversion tracking does not use any cookies. Here the information is stored at the server-side and accurate.


Image pixel code tracks conversions. You can copy and paste it on your thank you page to track conversions.


iFrame pixels are image pixel code that you can copy and paste it on your thank you page to track conversions.


We take fraud seriously. So we have in place both automated and manual approval for clicks, and conversions processed.

Our goal is to make you more money…

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