Methods to Generate Website Traffic

Developing a website does not make much sense these days if no one is going to see it.

That’s why knowing how to generate website traffic is crucial to any online business.

With the increasing number of websites, worldwide individual websites all suffer from decreasing visitors, if they get any at all.

So having a plan for traffic is so important.

Webmasters are always trying different techniques to attract visitors to their websites.

Gradually some of these techniques have emerged into strategies that people use in order to generate traffic.

According to the philosophy, the more visitors arriving on your website will result in more conversion from visitors to customers.

But then generating traffic on the website is just not enough to convert the visitors into customers.

Rather it requires smart techniques to attract relevant and potential visitors to your website.

Many marketing forums and blogs communicate various strategies to generate more traffic to your site.

It is important to figure out which strategies work for you and your web business.

There are various ways that can generate potential traffic to your websites.

Some of these may seem awkward but at the end of the day, they can be highly productive.

These are the 7 Proven ways to Generate Website Traffic:

Generate Website Traffic Method # 1- Public Recognition

Public recognition of websites is a good way to generate traffic. In this kind of strategy, you actually create awareness about your website which eventually reaches the potential visitors who visit.

Public Recognition is a broader term, as several strategies have emerged which include website banner exchange, social media pages, and viral marketing.

Moreover, Public Recognition is also possible through Press Release. Press Releases can give a massive spotlight to your website.

Generate Website Traffic Method # 2- Classified Advertising

Classified advertising is a wonderful way for businesses, especially those who are starting out, to spread the word about both themselves.

The best part about this type of thing is that it’s usually pretty inexpensive too.

Most businesses find they can afford to advertise through classified ads no matter how small or large the venture becomes.

Generate Website Traffic Method # 3- Posting Blogs

Posting blogs is widely used as a means to create backlinks to your website that help your product gain traction on search engines (#1 ranking).

It also gives you an opportunity to post content on popular topic trends which can provide you with access to related interests that you may not have thought of before.

Generate Website Traffic Method # 4- Posting on Craigslist

A reputation is something that can be earned over time, and consumers tend to respect things that come with a reputation. A company may have an impressive reputation for providing quality products or services.

If you had to describe Craigslist in one sentence, it might go like this: “If you’re looking on the web for something specific, there’s no better place than craigslist to find it.”

Generate Website Traffic Method # 5 – Promotional Game

Are you the one who is selling your own product? Then this lesson will work best for you. For the promotional activity, you can distribute your product to well-known marketers or marketing forums to get publicity and good word of mouth popularity.

Eventually, this will increase traffic to your site. But for this to happen you have to confirm the quality of your product and ensure that it’s of competitive standard.

Generate Website Traffic Method # 6- Build a List of Subscribers

Part of being a successful entrepreneur is being able to connect with your target audience. Part of knowing how to do that is understanding how important your email list is when it comes time for them to buy your product or services.

While some people might tell you that the money’s in the list, they are speaking solely in terms of numbers. As an entrepreneur, you are looking for quality over quantity! A huge number of subscribers on your email list doesn’t amount to much if they’re not interested in buying your products or services.

To those not familiar with the world of link building, link exchanges seem like a risky and potentially spammy practice.

However, as one who is very familiar with this industry, you can attest to how much of an impact they have on your rankings. It’s true that many ‘experts’ would advise against them, but I know first-hand that many SEO professionals will take advantage of them if given the chance.

The truth behind this matter is that once you have established your website to be valuable by using tactics such as content marketing and publishing high-quality articles to rank for certain keywords, then uploading actual value through link building efforts, it becomes quite easy to use the links you have gained freely without having to worry too much about repercussions.

Yes, even big brands do it every day!

Wrapping It Up

Running an online business needs to be creative.

Otherwise, you’ll fall behind others. If you don’t know how to get traffic to your website, seven solid techniques will be really helpful to you.

There are more than these techniques for building high volume traffic but the seven listed here are certainly good guidelines when applied correctly.

Author: Abe Cherian

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