Pay-Per-Sale Program
For Affiliates & Marketers

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to make some money online, you’ve come to the right place. We offer pay-per-sale campaigns for advertisers and affiliates. Our CPA network provides hundreds of offers that you can promote to earn a substantial monthly income.

  1. Quality CPA Offers
  2. Advanced tracking & reporting
  3. Competitive, timely Payout
  4. Daily & Monthly ad spend limit
  5. Low minimum deposit

CPA vs. PPC, what’s the difference? Read more here.

Quality Offers

With our CPA program you’ll find top paying and well crafted pay-per-sale offers that are converting well.

Competitive Payout

We have direct offers and brokered offers that pay up to 90% to our affiliates.

Beautiful Creatives

We provide you will ads and creatives that are tested to converts well. Banners, text, email etc.

Managed Campaigns

We offer free managed campaigns for our CPA advertisers. Simply give us your landing page link and we’ll do the rest.

Who Is Best Suited For Our Pay Per Sale Program?

If you are a CPA Marketer with good traffic sources, or if you are a marketer looking for more leads we can help. We work with all verticals show below:

High Paying PPC and CPA Ads. SunAdNetwork (formerly Adclickmedia) is our top network of choice to monetize with our websites and blogs. You can earn good amount of money with them and they pay on timely manner with good customer relationships with publishers.

Olasiyan Oluwaseun

Naijabu Media, LLC