Self Serve Advertising

Self-Serve or Free Managed Campaigns

Self-Serve & Managed Campaigns

We offer both Self-Serve Advertising and Managed Ad Campaigns.

Self Serve Campaigns

Self-serve advertising is a process where advertisers can purchase, create, and publish ads on a platform without human assistance.

It typically requires users to follow a variation of the following process:

  1. Access advertising platform
  2. Create ads and creatives
  3. Select targeting options
  4. Submit the ad for review

Because this type of advertising requires no human assistance it is priced at a cheaper rate and for a low minimum deposit.


Self Serve Advertising

Managed Campaigns

We offer free campaign management service for fund deposits of $1000 or more.

We can manage and deliver successful, data driven, multi-channel campaigns. If you want to improve your ROI and establish a channel of communication with your customers, let us manage your campaigns for you. We’ll work with you to develop multi-channel communication strategies, anywhere in the world and make sure that your offer, timing and sales message are precisely tailored to your customer’s needs.

Make use of our team’s expert insights, planning and management skills to:


  1. Reduce demand on internal resources
  2. Free up time to focus on strategy
  3. Deliver end-to-end CPC & CPA  campaign management
  4. Gain access to our years of knowledge and experience
  5. Ensure ethical and legislative best practice to drive outstanding results