In this lesson, we are going to set up the landing page where we will capture the leads for a free credit report CPA offer.

A good landing page is essential for affiliate marketing. It’s the first thing people see when they click on your ad, and it needs to be convincing enough to get them to convert. A good landing page should include:

-A catchy headline

-A brief description of what you’re offering

-Some screenshots or images of what the product looks like

-A clear call to action

-An explanation of how the product works

-Testimonials from happy customers

-Links to helpful resources

Make sure your landing page is well-designed and easy to navigate, and make sure you’re constantly testing and tweaking it to see what works best.

Benefits of Using a Squeeze Page With Paid Ads

The page I build is going to be considered a “squeeze page”.

Squeeze pages are a great way to promote CPA offers without risking an account ban on places like Google and Facebook. Sometimes if you try to promote CPA offers with just a landing page, Google and Facebook will ban your accounts (specifically in niches like diet, skincare, muscle, and gaming).

I prefer setting up squeeze pages because it allows me to first collect my visitor’s information before I send them to someone else. In whatever niche I target, I will eventually have a massive list of subscribers that I can continue to market to forever. This method is for affiliates who are interested in setting up a long term business with recurring income but to be honest, it is a bit more difficult to make profit on the front end, which is why many people will choose to send traffic directly to a pre-sell page that links directly to the offer first.

Watch this video: How to create a Landing Page to promote CPA offers

Do you use Single or Double Opt-in?

Many times, we will not require double opt-in unless especially on a page that is prepopulating a CPA offer like the one in the video.

If we are pitching a free ebook or training, then we ask for double optin and provide the information after they’ve confirmed their email. This is a decision that you’ll make on your own regarding whether or not you want to stretch the boundaries of legitimate email marketing practices.

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