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Drive Ongoing Targeted Traffic To Any Affiliate Links

By leveraging the power of a Network


Clicks Delivered


Targeted Verticals

Promoting your Affiliate Links just got easier, budget friendly & profitable.

Hello Online Marketer,

Ever feel like getting traffic for your affiliate link is like burning cash? You're not alone. But guess what? We've got something game-changing that won't break the bank.

Introducing SmartTrafficBoost® – Your Ticket to Stress-Free, Targeted Traffic


What is SmartTrafficBoost®?


Imagine SmartTrafficBoost as your dynamic network of advertisers featured on a randomized link rotator designed to connect with a particular audience.

They are a focused campaign supported by a network of advertisers who want high quality, non-stop traffic to their affiliate marketing links. Each campaign is meticulously categorized to cater to a specific target, including interest groups, countries, demographics, and more.

Our affiliates and traffic vendors enthusiastically promote these campaigns through diverse and approved promotional methods - via email lists, YouTube videos, display ads, classified ads, social media, paid ads, and more.


Who benefits from SmartTrafficBoost®?


You might be curious—does this traffic cater to all types of affiliate programs? In essence, SmartTrafficBoost is designed to accommodate a diverse range of affiliate programs and offerings.

Here's how it works:

Our network orchestrates campaigns spanning various verticals, categories, and demographics. Each campaign operates as a smart link (rotator) tailored to a specific type and interest group.

Affiliates select and promote the campaign most suited to their audience, ensuring that all links within that campaign align with the specific interests of their target demographic.


How is SmartTrafficBoost® Different?


You're probably asking yourself, "how is this different or better than what I'm doing now?"

If you're finding it tough to promote your affiliate offers online and you've spent a lot of time and money on things like Solo Ads, social media posts, free classifieds, and buying traffic from different vendors, you're not alone.


SmartTrafficBoost offers a better and simpler solution.

Our traffic is targeted and real, reaching people genuinely interested in your offers. When you use our Targeted Campaigns, your offer gets promoted through various channels like emails, ads, search, content marketing, classifieds, videos, articles, and blog posts - proven effective methods.


SmartTrafficBoost® uses Smart AI Tools to Create & Optimize Campaigns.

SmartTrafficBoost doesn't just promise results; it leverages the power of Smart AI Tools to create and optimize campaigns for unparalleled success.

Why Smart AI Tools?

Campaign creation and research are evolving, and those who don't embrace smart AI tools will see declining results. At SmartTrafficBoost, we stay ahead of the curve by utilizing intelligent AI tools to generate ads, conduct keyword research, and strategically post ads on massive platforms.


Detailed Tracking & Fraud Protection.

Our platform makes it easy for you. You don't have to juggle different platforms or deal with various vendors. We take care of everything.

Imagine your offer reaching thousands in your target market, and all you have to do is put your links in the program.


We create ads for you, our affiliates use approved ads, and they spend their time and money promoting for you, so you don't have to handle the complexity of multiple channels.


How much Monthly Traffic will I get?


SmartTrafficBoost is like a group of advertisers teaming up to make advertising more affordable. Our aim is to bring lots of interested people to your offer page without breaking the bank.

In one campaign (or link rotator) aimed at a similar audience, we include 25 advertisers. For instance, if you're promoting a business opportunity, your link joins a Business Opportunity campaign with 25 different opportunities from various advertisers.

We carefully select traffic vendors with the right kind of audience for the rotator link.


We use two strategies:


  1. our affiliates help promote it,

  2. and we also invest in mass media and organic traffic methods, all directed to the rotator link.

It's tricky to predict the exact number of clicks each link will get, but our goal is 300 to 1000 clicks per link per month.


How much would it normally cost to get that many clicks?


Advertising usually goes for $0.60 to $1.80+ per click (If the campaign is managed well), totaling $1200 to $4000 monthly, depending on the platform and quality. That's a hefty sum to spend on promoting an affiliate program.

Here's the interesting part. Anyone familiar with mass media advertising knows that buying ads in bulk can significantly lower costs.

Our cost is way lower because advertisers cooperate. Everyone on the rotator chips in each month. This way, we can negotiate great deals with traffic vendors and buy their largest packages at the lowest prices.

So, how much does it cost to join SmartTrafficBoost®?

It's just $125/month to add one affiliate link to a targeted rotator. This fee covers $100 for media buying, attracting skilled affiliates for organic traffic, AI tools to create and manage campaigns, and a $25 admin fee for accurate tracking, fraud prevention, and quality control.


SmartTrafficBoost® Is Limited to 25 Links Per Vertical.

In our commitment to providing maximum clicks and exposure, we recognize the need to maintain exclusivity. Therefore, we're limiting the number of participants in each vertical to only 25 links.

Targeted Campaigns Across 5 Popular Verticals:

  1. Business Opportunity: Business opportunity seekers, Make money online & network marketing.

  2. Internet Marketing: Marketing tools, AI tools, marketing services.

  3. Finance: Loans, credit recovery, insurance, credit cards

  4. Health: Health products, weight loss, men's health, women's health.

  5. Dating: Mainstream dating only.

  6. Cryptocurrency: Investing and trading

Act Fast to Secure Your Spot!


Given the limited slots available and the high demand we anticipate, it's crucial to act swiftly. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join SmartTrafficBoost and secure your position in the vertical that aligns with your affiliate marketing goals.

We are launching SmartTrafficBoost on December 28th and expect to fill out every slot available within days!

Important: What happens after you join?


Upon completing your SmartTrafficBoost subscription, you will be directed to establish your advertiser account. Simply provide us with the link you wish to include in the rotator, and we will manually add it for you.

Please be aware that there might be a delay before your traffic begins as we require a minimum of 25 spots filled to initiate paid media campaigns. Your patience is appreciated, as once the traffic commences, it will persist and progressively grow over time.

Thank you!

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