Do you want to join the SUNAD network but are not sure whether you should go for it? Then no worries. We will give a detailed SUNAD network review that you need to know about the network.

So let’s get started.

SUNAD network, as the name indicates, is a CPC-based network initiated in 2009. By joining this network, you can earn by displaying ads, email lists, and banner ads. Moreover, they also offer the publishers share pops Ads, Banner Ads, and more to make revenue. Join one of the best ad networks, and you can advertise straightway without any fear of being rejected.

Requirements To Join The Network

There are no hard-to-fast rules to joining the network.

  • Unlike the other networks that specify the number of traffic to get the approval, there is no limit. All it requires high-quality and legal articles to join it.
  • Custom domains are encouraged to apply since the network easily accepts such sites.
  • After you have published the advertisements, you should refrain from clicking on your ads to get paid.
  • Similarly, if you have free hosting and domain, they do not allow you to show ads.
  • If the Alexa rank is low than 100K, your website will get permission for advertisements.

Ad Formats

The ad network allows sharing of three ad formats.

Photo Text ads

Publishers can advertise through the photos and text combined. The limit is three ads per single page. This form serves as a great way to increase CTR.

Banner Ads

In this ads type, you can display three sizes of ads, including 160X600, 300 X250, 728X90, 336X280, and 120X600. When users click on the ads, it turns into an affiliation networking opportunity.

Interstitial Ads

Here you can show full image or text ads per page. These pay you well among all but can cost you to lose some visitors to your website.

CPC& PPC For Publishers and Advertisers

While there are ad networks that mainly allow the only type of monetization source, either PPC or CPA. However, SUNAD network review takes the lead as you can make more money by displaying both forms of advertising.


CPA works through generating sales and leads; in return, you get paid for it. The revenue is way higher with the SUNAD network. There are tons of ways to promote and earn through it. The revenue per lead and sales can range from $0.95 to $20.00 and $5.00 to $1400.


Through Pay per click, publishers can run ads on their websites and blogs. It works the same as Bing or Google Ads by inserting the code and getting paid for the clicks. You can make around $0.16 to $6.50 per click.

Works With 21 Verticals

There are some particular niches that this network offers targeted ads to display. This way, you can collect more revenue if your website is based around that niche.

Apply To Earn More If You Are Working On The Following Niches

Though you can join the network and start advertising for any niche, these mentioned ones will earn you more:

  • E-commerce
  • Games
  • Weight loss
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Finance
  • Green Products
  • Self Help

Features Of SUNAD Network Review

Here are some of the features that intrigue you to the ad network

·       Timely Payments

There are different terms for payments like NET30, NET17, and NET15. Publishers earn on the term NET30 with a threshold of $50. You can connect your Paypal, Western Union, Check, and bank transfers.

·       Simple And Clean To Place Ads

Even if you are a non-technical person, you can follow the instructions. Place the code on your website, and it will show. Plus, they have the standard size to display according to your website layout.

·       Easy To Navigate

As a beginner, you will not find any difficulty using it. When you sign in, a screen will show that splits up publisher and advertiser accounts. Press the ‘my publisher tag,’ and you will get to the ad-set-up screen that allows choosing the ad type. On selecting the format, you are given the customization choices. Then put the code generated on your blog or website.

·       Networking

SUN AD network offers great support since there are different ways to connect with other publishers. There are private Skype, Facebook, and Zoom groups that you can join to have your queries answered. You can also view their YouTube Channel to learn how it works, what not to do, and others.

·       Tracking Real-Time Users

Publishers can see the real-time users get insights into which page is getting more views. They can then delete those which are not needed. Image pixels, iframe, and post-back methods are some ways to track the users. Similarly, cookies for affiliates work for more than 90 days to ensure publishers get commission even when users buy things later.

SUNAD network review

Referral Program

The referral program gives a 10% commission if you have brought a reference for this ad network.


Here’s an overview of the spec that makes you join the SUN AD network program

  • No any challenging requirements to getting approval
  • Good CTR
  • Support system and network
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Timely pay off weekly or monthly
  • Multiple ways of monetization
  • Offers 10% commission on referral programs
  • Real-time tracking
  • Newsletter subscriptions that give you a hand on information about products
  • Affiliate programs that store cookies for a longer duration


  • Sorry for the BlogSpot websites,SUNAD network does not allow them to join

Alternatives To SUNAD Network Review

Skillerz Pro:

It is an affiliate network program that monetizes by adding links to their products, CPA, and other types of affiliate commissions.


Ezoic is a famous ad network based on AI. It works through artificial intelligence that automatically detects and optimizes the best placeholders options for revenue maximization and enhanced user experience.


A premium ad network offering above than 25b Geo-targeted advertisements. Here’s good news: Adsterra now allows small websites to join with some quality traffic.

The Verdict

SUN AD network is a great way to enter and make money in the digital world. It may not have the same price range as Adsense’s but can be an excellent option to start with. Some of the great features of this ad network are easy navigation, approval, user-friendly, affiliate networking, and real-time user tracking. However, if you run your blogs on Blogspot, you cannot join.

We hope this article has helped you know more about the SUNAD network review. Try the Ad network now and let us know how you feel about it!